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Home Communion

If you are unable to attend Church Services

due to ill health or any other reason.

We can come to you and perform a Holy Communion Service.

Please contact The Team Rector to arrange your visit.

Parish : 01204 451836

Thank you.

Breathing Space

The last Tuesday of each Month

From April to September.

7:00pm at St. Saviour

A Service designed to offer a place of tranquillity and calm

within an informal relaxed setting.

To help with ' listening' and connecting with God.

Hopefully to find inner peace.

School Admissions Forms

If you need a form signing for your child's application to a Church of England Secondary School, please hand the form(s) to one of the Church Wardens or a Deputy Warden. final date Sunday 20th September 2020. Your form will be ready for collection in Church from Sunday 18th October 2020.

If you are unhappy with the attendance figures given on your form(s) you can ask us for a recount. Your attendance will then be counted by another independant person and either verified or corrected. You have until Sunday 25th October to appeal in order to allow sufficient time for the recount before the forms have to be submitted by parents to the schools. Following this our decision will be final.

Parents should be aware that Stephen and Kim can only complete the forms according to the information the church has in its attendance records. The school forms ask that we provide a number of how many weeks in an academic year a child attends worship. If you attend on a Sunday and then the following Thursday that counts as 1 attendance. Also some school forms ask for the number of weeks the parent or legal guardian attend worship. Grandparents or other relatives are not counted by some schools. This is according to the schools own admission policies and any queries about this should be taken up with the school..

Forms for admission to a Church Primary School generally only have to be submitted in January 2021. Please hand these to one of the Church Wardens or Deputy Wardens at any time.

We take a lot of care over the records on attendance we keep as we believe this is the best and only way to be fair to all. Any questions regarding this, please speak to Stephen or Kim. Thank you.

The General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR)"

The Information that is used on this Website is held securely and will only be used for this purpose.

The Parish complies with The Parochial Curch Council (PCC) of the Parish of Stoneclough Data Privacy Rules, a copy of which can be found at the back of the Parish Churches or obtained on request.

To exercise all relevant rights, queries or complaints please in the first instance contact the PCC Parish Data Coordinator Jean Hurst on 01204 574222 or email

Thank you.

Are You a Tax Payer?

If you do not have a weekly

envelope for Church donations,

why not use a yellow one

available on the table at the front of Church.

By filling in the details we are able

to claim back the current income tax rate

from the government for every pound donated.

Thank You.

The PCC.

Something New

Do you fancy learning to play a brass instrument and be part of a great team?

Join Kearsley Youth Brass Band.

Instruments and Tuition are Free.

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